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60+ Amazing Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

60+ Amazing Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

These vegan Thanksgiving dishes are perfect whether you are having a big family Thanksgiving or a Friendsgiving feast! With delicious vegan Thanksgiving recipes for main dishes, side dishes, salads and desserts, everything you need for the perfect vegan thanksgiving meal is below.

P.S. if you want celebrate Thanksgiving while being sensitive to the real history of Thanksgiving, be sure to check out this article about how to celebrate thanksgiving in a non-offensive way.

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Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes

If you are looking for a center piece dish for your vegan Thanksgiving table that is sure to impress, these recipes are sure to please!

Vegan Thanksgiving Side Dishes, Salads and Condiments

Okay, this category is really a ton of sub categories combined... looking for the perfect cranberry sauce and stuffings, we've got you covered below. Want a nice side salad, you'll also find that here. With tons of options perfect for Thanksgiving, make sure to go through them all!

Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts

No Thanksgiving feast is complete without a beautiful dessert to finish it off! Be sure to try one of these indulgent, fall flavored desserts.

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