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Get your mushroom dishes on with these amazing vegan mushroom recipes. Mushroom is definitely one of our staple vegan foods. We love cooking mushrooms for so many reasons.

First of all, mushrooms are hard to ruin. You love them or you hate them but if you are on the right side (the loving them side), they are so easy to make with delicious results.

Second of all, mushrooms are a great meat substitute since they are so meaty and juicy and have that nice umami flavor.

Third of all, they are great for you. They are low on calories but high on nutrients. Mushrooms contain B vitamins, iron, protein, and an antioxidant called selenium, which supports your immune system and can help prevent damage to cells and tissues.

So get the best vegan recipes for mushrooms here. We like to mix it up so you’ll find regular oyster mushroom recipes, king oyster mushroom recipes, button mushroom recipes and more below.

We’ve also got a mix of healthy vegan recipes and fried mushroom recipes, because sometimes you want to eat to live and sometimes you want to live to eat. So take a browse below and see which recipes strike your fancy. If you try one out, please rate it and let us know what you think!

If we are missing any of your favorite vegan/vegetarian mushroom recipes or you need a recipe veganized, let us know. Either leave a comment on one of our posts or shoot us an email. We LOVE to hear from you.