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Smoothies are the ultimate vegan breakfast food. They are super fast to whip together, there are endless combinations of delicious vegan smoothie recipes, it’s a great way to pack a ton of health into one cup, and they are colorful, fun and can be tailored to any season or whim.

We love smoothies whether it’s a vegan protein smoothie for an afternoon snack or a wake up vegan breakfast smoothie. We’ve been collecting all our favorite indulgent smoothies and healthy plant based smoothies for you!

From beet banana smoothies to chocolate milkshake type smoothies and more, we’ve got tons of recipes for you below. You’ll also notice we are quite fond of our smoothie bowls.

Vegan smoothie bowls add some extra goodness to vegan smoothies recipes with their extra thick consistency and array of fun toppings. You can use the base of any of the smoothie bowls as regular smoothies though, just add a little extra liquid to thin them out some more.

The same goes the other direction. Feel free to use any of our regular vegan fruit smoothie recipes as the base of a smoothie bowl. Just add a little less liquid to thicken it up and then throw on all your favorite toppings.

So check out all the recipes and be sure to try out our vegan mango smoothie or our vegan chocolate smoothie, they are our favorites!