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Vegan waffles are the best vegan brunch. Delicious, comforting and easy to make, waffles are always a hit. You can buy pre-made waffles but why bother when homemade waffles are just so much better! Check out the vegan waffle recipes below to get started on your own.

Make a big batch of one of our easy waffle recipes and freeze some of the extras for later so that all you have to do for a delightful, decadent breakfast is pop it into the toaster.

Some of our favorite waffles is our sweet potato waffles (vegan) and our amazing vegan Belgian waffle recipe! The sweet potato waffles are a great way to introduce a healthy waffle recipe into your repertoire. No one will be able to tell you snuck some extra health into their waffles with that recipe. It also brings amazing fall flavors into your vegan breakfast recipes, making it even more delicious and warming.

Belgian waffles are a classic as well, with their deep pockets and crispy exterior. Our crispy waffle recipe will be a crowd favorite.

You don’t need to miss out on these childhood favorites because waffles are easily made vegan with simple, pantry staple ingredients. Choose a vegan waffle recipe to get started and enjoy!

If you have a favorite kind of waffle that you wish we would veganize for you, leave us a comment on one of the posts or send us an email! We love hearing from you and we love being able to make the being vegan as easy as possible for you!