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We are a big fan of vegan seitan recipes over here. From seitan BBQ chicken to vegan seitan tortas we have it all going on.

Seitan is the perfect option to satisfy our non-vegan partners, friends and. family. In my experience seitan opens their eyes to the possibilities of plant-based foods.

It’s often the chew of meat that omnivores really crave, it’s not necessarily the meat. Seitan offers the chew and a smilier fibrous texture.

It’s very easy to mock meat flavours and textures with our vegan seitan recipes.

Seitan is essentially a flour, also known as vital wheat gluten recipes. The end product is made from mixing the four substance with a variety of flavours, should it be bbq flavours and seasoning or pork seasoning.

It is kneaded with water and made into a dough and is often boiled for some time before it is either roasted, bbq’d or grilled.

You can do just about anything with seitan, should it be a meatless chicken fillet, a roast pork or vegan skewers on the BBQ. There is so many ideas.

Obviously seitan is viral wheat gluten flour so not ideal for those who have a gluten intolerance.

However for our ominivore friends, I can safely say they might struggle to tell the difference between seitan and regular animal meat. There is no excuse anymore. it can’t be because they like the taste, right?

Vegan seitan recipes is something we will continue to play with and develop over time. We are all just learning about this ingredient so we are excited to see what we can produce for you to replicate.