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Beets are one of the most underrated vegetables in my opinion. Vegan beet recipes are the perfect way to pack a ton of nutrients and health into your diet. They are filled with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and more plus they are incredibly affordable.

We’ve been loving creating a large variety of vegan beetroot recipes. From beet hummus to vegan beet salad to vegan beet dip and of course a beet smoothie! We’ve even but beets into our vegan burger. The seitan burger is the perfect recipe for those not sold on beets yet because you can’t taste the flavor but you get all the health benefits.

You can cook them in so many different ways so if you don’t love them boiled, try roasting them. Not a fan of roasted? Try eating them shredded thin in a salad or coleslaw! Blend them into soups, dip your veggies into a beet based dip, there is never ending ways to make this perfect vegetable. You can even eat the beet greens by throwing them into pesto raw, or sauteing them up for some delicious greens.

Beets making everything more vibrant and exciting with their bright color and they are tasty as well! This exciting fall vegetable should definitely be incorporated into your meals this year.

As always, we love helping people get the warm and fuzzy feelings with food as in their omnivore days so if there are any recipes you are missing let us know. We would love to help make your favorite beetroot recipes vegan!