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Who doesn’t absolutely love eggplant? It’s such a versatile ingredient and can be used in everything from, curries to dips and made into vegan bacon slices to sandwich fillers. We have some of the best vegan eggplant recipes for you to discover.

And depending on what part of the world you are from, maybe you refer to it as vegan aubergine recipes. Don’t worry it’s the same thing!

Eggplant is full of flavour and is also quite a water dense vegetable. Sometimes it needs to be squeezed in its preparation to release some of the fluid.

This is a particularly important step in making vegan babaganoush for example. This is one of my favourite vegan aubergine recipes.

The dark skin on the exterior is an incredible flavour when roasted and adds so much punch to any of the above vegan eggplant recipes.

The interior is gooey and slimy but can be dried out to make crispy vegan bacon.

If on the other hand you want a dip, all you need to do is cut the aubergine into thicker slices so it doesn’t dry out when roasting.


This has be one one of the best vegetables and a must have on every vegan shopping list. it’s ideal for experimenting and so often used in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine.