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Vegan potato recipes and I have a love hate relationship. I love potatoes but my fat ass keeps telling me to lay off the french fries, mashed potatoes, potato chips and all the other amazing things you can make out of a potato.

Real talk though, if you eat potatoes like a normal person with normal portions you can enjoy all the vegan potato dishes goodness without gaining ten pounds. Portion control is my new mantra. Also “stop eating deep fried food” – that’s my other mantra. #failing

Another side note, whoever decided that carbs were the devil is probably the devil themselves and just trying to deflect. Carbs are life and no one is taking my potatoes (or bread or pasta) away from me. (Now you are starting to understand the fat ass. My mom always told me to never trust a skinny cook so at least I’m winning at that. )

Vegan potato bake, vegan potato salad, and stuffed baked potatoes are just some of the fabulous and somewhat healthy potato recipes you can make. We like to top our vegan baked potatoes with some amazing vegan chickpea tuna for a healthy and yummy vegan lunch.

In any case, take a browse below at all our delightful vegan/vegetarian potato recipes and enjoy! If we are missing one of your favorite potato recipes, let us know in the comments of one of our posts or shoot us an email. We would love to hear from you (and thereby know that we aren’t talking to ourselves here.) Byeeeeeee.