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Here at Yum Vegan blog, vegan sandwiches are what we do best. I must confess, we all love bread, it is our addiction! So wether it’s pitta, bagels, or a plain ‘oul’ sandwich with two slices of bread, we have a tonne of amazing vegan sandwich fillers here for you!

On of our favourite things is to turn classic flavours and recipes into amazing vegan sandwiches. That’s why we have recipes such as vegan tuna sweetcorn sandwiches and vegan egg mayo sandwich.

As enthusiastic travellers, we often take a lot of inspiration from different cultures and cuisines. Keep an eye for our vegan shawarma and vegan banh mi sandwich.

We are a team of three mums so we always have the family at heart. We try to make our recipes so they can easily be adapted for little peoples taste pallet. Subtle flavours such as a vegan egg sandwich often goes down a treat over here!

In addition to having little kids, we also have some family members that are not vegan! In this case, it is our life mission to replicate the classics so these family members don’t feel like they are missing out on something from their sandwich!

Vegan mushroom sandwiches and vegan tofu sandwiches usually work a treat in these instances. We are super conscious of the time of year and always try to use seasonal ingredients.

In the summer you will find yummy vegan salad rolls, whilst in the winter, you might find a vegan Christmas sandwich! Stay tuned and check back weekly for our latest recipes.

5 Minute Delicious Peanut Butter Avocado Toast

This avocado peanut butter toast is delicious and nutritious, packed with protein and good fats, it is sure to satisfy. Don’t hesitate to try this creamy combination – it works deliciously together and you wont look back! This is an easy, satisfying toast topper that is vegan, nutritious and filling.

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