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Vegan salad recipes are such an easy way to make sure we are getting all of the rainbow goodness into our diet. Here at Yum Vegan Blog we love making bowls of colourful goodness for al your vegan salad needs.

We are a brand new website, but rest assured, we have lots of recipes up our sleeves. From vegan pasta salad recipes, to vegan salad dressings, we are a one stop shop!

We are often inspired by travelling, so you may find raw Asian vegan salads for example. Likewise, we love to include superfoods in our recipes, so keen an eye for quinoa salad recipes and  kale salad recipes.

We are strong believers in mixing up the ingredients and playing with flavours. Likewise, we love to turn classics into vegan dishes. Take for example vegan tuna salad and vegan taco salad.

As a team of three women with other family members that are not vegan, it is forever our mission to make their favourite meals look and tasted the same so they can not complain about something missing from their vegan salad dish!

We are big fans of mushrooms, tofu, corn, chickpeas and potatoes as amazing substitutes.

In addition to being three women, we are also mums, therefore we often have the family at heart when producing our recipes. We love to make our vegan salads kid friendly to keep everyone in the family happy! There is nothing more gratifying than putting a big bowl of salad in the middle of the table and everyone loving the ingredients.