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Is Hummus Vegan?

Is Hummus Vegan?

If you are planning to make your own hummus then of course you can certainly keep it vegan. But the question is hummus vegan? Well the truth is not all shop bought or restaurant served hummus is vegan.

Therefore it’s really important to check the ingredients as sometimes cream is added to hummus. Similarly in restaurants they may do the same, so if you are vegan make sure to ask and check the ingredients.

What is Hummus? Is it Vegan?

Lets kick this off with delving into what hummus is? Hummus is almost always chickpeas. It’s a traditional dip often served with pitta, olives and other grazing type food in the Middle East and Mediterranean countries.

It’s served cold straight from the fridge and has a thick consistency.

Of course each country once upon a time had their own variation, however usually the most traditional hummus contains chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, garlic and lemon.

Over the past few years and since the rise of veganism, you can almost find ANY type of hummus. So many people have experimented with ingredients and come up with all sorts of variations.

From chocolate hummus, to green chilli hummus, and cauliflower hummus, to peanut butter hummus, you are sure going to find some awesome things to stir up in the kitchen in his article.

Why Do Vegan Love Hummus So Much?

Vegans love hummus because first and foremost it’s a great source of protein. Vegans get so much of their protein from lentils, beans and pulses.

Another reason could be that more often than not hummus can be considered raw and plant based. In general hummus doesn’t contain additives that are considered processed. You can even find low carb hummus.

This really appeals to people on a whole food plant based diet. As we know vegans and those on a plant based diet have slightly different perspectives on food, check out the differences here.

Ingredients and Methods

Some people used canned chickpea as they are already cooked and prepared. Essentially you can whip hummus super quickly this way.

Of course there is always an option to use dry chickpeas and prepare hummus from scratch.

Just to confuse things, you may see recipes with ‘gazebo’ beans this is just another name for chickpeas used in different countries.

You will need a blender to bltiz all of your ingredients together. To get chickpeas silky smooth, you need to give your mix some time. You will need a fairly strong blender or food processor to make the mix. I can suggest the Cuisinart Food Processor. Click Here to Check it Out !

More often that not tahini is also a key ingredient in most hummus recipes, especially the Middle Eastern variety. I do love tahini in hummus, to me it’s an essential ingredient.Check out the best tahini here.

The mix can obviously be quite dry without oil or a liquid of some description. If you are on an oil free diet, rest assured we also have some oil free recipes below!

So with all this in mind and being a vegan myself, I decided to reach out to my blogging friends and collect up a big fat list of all of the best vegan hummus recipes out there. You can thank me later!! I know I am definitely going to be trying the snickerdoodle variation myself 🙂

Pssst check out this guacamole recipe.

Is Hummus Vegan?

Discover over 50 vegan hummus recipes that will be sure to tantalise your taste buds and make you want to try something new! From chocolate hummus, to green chilli hummus, and cauliflower hummus, to peanut butter hummus, you are sure going to find some awesome things to stir up in the kitchen!

FAQ About Hummus

what hummus is vegan? Most hummus is vegan there are a handful that contain cream so make sure to check the label.
why is hummus not vegan? Some hummus contain cream but overall most hummus is vegan. Especially if you make it yourself!
why isn’t hummus vegan? Because sometimes it contains cream.
which hummus is vegan? Lilly’s Hummus, Hummustr, Veggicopia, Wild Garden, Majestic, Root Hummus, Just Wholefoods Organic Hummus, Hope spicy Avocado Hummus are a few leading and widely available vegna hummus brands. As mentioned some Sabra products are considered vegan.
what brand of hummus is vegan? Lilly’s Hummus, Hummustr, Veggicopia, Wild Garden, Majestic, Root Hummus, Just Wholefoods Organic Hummus, Hope spicy Avocado Hummus
are all hummus vegan? No
are sabra hummus vegan? On the sabra website, some of their products are considered vegans where as some are considered vegetarian.
is hummus vegan? Some brands are but not all
is hummus vegan friendly? Most of the time it is but we do need to check the label of shop bought hummus.
is hummus vegan and gluten free? Most of the time hummus is both vegan and gluten free but it’s always worth checking the label.
is sabra hummus vegan? Not all of their products, some are considered vegetarian according to their website.
is chocolate hummus vegan? It really depends on the brand but do check out our simple recipe above for vegan chocolate hummus.
is all hummus vegan? Some but not all brands.
is yumi’s hummus vegan? According to the Yumi’s website, the classic hummus is vegan.
is aldi hummus vegan? The Deli Houmous at Aldi is vegan
is hope hummus vegan? The spicy avo hummus is vegan
is tribe hummus vegan? According to the website, yes tribe hummus is vegan.
Why is hummus considered vegetarian? As it can sometimes contain cream.
Is hummus bad for a vegetarian diet? It can be a great source of protein but of course can be heavier on carbohydrates. Like everything, eat in moderation.
Is Sabra hummus healthy? It depends on what you classify as healthy.
Is hummus a viable alternative to meat? It is a good source of protein but needs to be in conjunction with other protein sources such as seeds, nuts and tofu.
Is hummus healthy? When hummus doesn’t have too many additives it can be quite healthy. The best way to ensure this is by making your own.
Whats the difference between hummus and tahini? Tahini is usually an ingredient in hummus. Tahini is a sesame paste and hummus is a dip made of chickpeas and usually contains tahini as well.
Which brand of hummus is the best and why? Lilly’s Hummus is a really good brand as it has no preservatives or nasty additives.

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