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Here at Yum Vegan Blog, we make an array of meals, that are suitable for lunch. From vegan BBQ, to brunch, and vegan sandwiches, to salads, we’ve got it all going on!We pride ourselves on making homemade vegan condiments to dress our meals.

When you buy Vegan mayo or vegan aioli in the shop, of course, they are tasty but they often have quite a few additives.

Making your own vegan condiments is amazing to ensure you are keeping it clean only using natural ingredients.This is perfect if you are trying to follow a raw vegan diet.

Another great thing is, if you are coeliac, making your own vegan sauces, marinades, dips and so on can give you the confidence there is no hidden gluten. After all sauces, are one of the worse disguisers of gluten in shop bought vegan sauces.

We are a relatively new website but please check back here each week to see some of our new vegan condiment recipes. We plan to add vegan mustard, vegan salad dressings, vegan mayo recipes, vegan BBQ sauce amongst many others!

If you have any requests for vegan dips, sauces or marinades, please leave us a comment and we will try to share some others.

We generally find there are a handful of key ingredients that help to make a number of vegan condiments. For example, but not limited to, soy sauce, hoisin, lemon, garlic and olive oil. We always have a well stocked spice rack, with some of our favourites being, coriander, onion granules. garlic salt and smoked paprika!

We hope you enjoy our recipes, and done forget to leave us a little feedback :)