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About Us

Welcome to Yum Vegan Blog. Featuring delicious plant based lunch, brunch, munch and more. Yum Vegan Lunch Ideas is brought to you by three vegan friends, with an eclectic and varied taste palette.

We are dotted around the world, which influences our vegan lunch idea recipes. Collectively, we are in the US, UK, Israel and sometimes nomadic. We aim to inspire and provide you with these tasty vegan lunch recipes which you will not regret making.

Us three friends agreed we struggled on occasion, was with finding the perfect vegan sandwich. Now we have a collection of veganised classics and more! Whether it’s a vegan chickpea tuna melt or the perfect creamy egg mayo sandwich

Never struggle again to know what to have for a yum vegan lunch! Whether your dining solo, with family, friends or kids – we’ve got your yum vegan lunches covered. Our vegan salads are a healthy balance of essential nutrients, proteins and fats to ensure you stay nourished. 

All three of us vegan friends have been vegan for a number of years, 16 years collectively. It’s safe to say we have eaten our fair share of vegan food and created a number of vegan lunches. 

Inspired by our fun summer gatherings, we have included a number of vegan BBQ ideas, such as succulent corn on the cob.

Many of our yum vegan lunches are complimented by a versatile vegan condiment.

Vegan Sweetcorn Fritters

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