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Ten Signs You Are Vegan A.F

Ten Signs You Are Vegan A.F

Veganism is becoming more and more popular thanks to our activist friends spreading the word on social media. People are becoming all too aware of what their breadcrumbed Schnitzel truly is! The thing is, most people probably have vegan morals if they just open their eyes and see what is really going on in the world around them. 

For those of us that have been vegan for some time, I bet there are some common traits amongst us. From wincing in the supermarket at the butcher section to wanting to spew when the barista gets the wrong milk on your almond latte and wanting everything on this vegan gift list, we’ve all been there!

Here are ten signs you are VEGAN AF!!! Can you relate

signs you are vegan af

  • You own a T-Shirt with a vegan slogan 

Whether you own a t-shirt that says ‘Vegan Queen’ or something as garish as ‘My food Doesn’t Scream’, you know that feeling when walking down the street when people read and look up at your face. And guess what, you don’t give two hoots what they think. 

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  • You secretly cringe when your loved ones eat meat 

For many of us, we may have hooked up with our significant other before we became vegan. We can’t trade our blood relatives in and so it’s likely we all have that person close to us that eats meat. It’s so hard to watch and you really struggle not to say something. 

  • You have a f**king ace answer when asked where you get protein

Ok, when you tell someone you are vegan and you can literally predict what will come out of their mouth next! What you want to say is ‘PEAS BITCH’ but you are too polite! And so you have the same conversation – AGAIN!

  • Oatly milk is LIFE

Oatly milk Barista is literally heaven on earth. If you haven’t tried, it’s life changing. Although the barista one is for coffee you also have it on your cereal, and straight out of the carton!!

  • You follow James Aspey and Earthling Ed on social 

Most vegan will know exactly who James and Ed are.They are super amazing people at the forefront of the veganism movement fighting for the lives of our furry friends. They have the perfect answer to every anti-vegan argument. We all just wish we could remember their exact words when someone tries to argue with us about veganism!

  • Nooch goes into EVERYTHING 

Everyone be like, oh are vegans deficient in B12?…. You like not me gurl I got my nutritional yeast! You chuck those golden flakes of vegan love into just about EVERY MEAL!

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  • A switch went on that can NEVER GO BACK

Ok, all of us vegans can relate to that light bulb moment when you put two and two together, when you associate the food with exactly what it is! Meat is the flesh of a dead animal, and knowing you will NEVER EVER go back. I’ve always called this my light bulb moment. I just wish my nearest and dearest had the same moment one day.

  • Cooking is your THING

As a vegan my favourite thing is experimenting, turning old classics and family favourites into a plant-based meal. I take so much delight in making food and love love love sharing it with my vegan and non-vegan friends. Ok, ok, ok, I definitely prefer sharing with my vegan buddies!! 

  • You could snog the server that brings you a VEGAN MENU 

Seriously is there anything more gratifying than going to a restaurant where you think your only options are going to be a side of veg or fries? Then BOOOM, the server comes along with a vegan specific menu!!! You should see my face.. EVERY. DAMN .. TIME ..

  • You will never understand how someone could eat a dead animal 

Ok let’s be honest, although there are many people that have been vegan their whole life, there are a lot of us that made the choice later on. So at some point or another we did eat meat. Now looking back we will never know how, or why we did that. To you nowadays you can not make sense of why people eat the flesh of a dead animal. Period!

Beautiful baby

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We love love love the fact you having taken the time to read our thoughts. We are so keen to connect with you, so please leave a comment and tell us a little about you and the things that make you feel you are VEGAN AF!

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